With so many adjustments to our programs in the last few months we want to ensure that all of your questions and concerns can be answered all in one place. Please read below for FAQs.




Included in your 4-week tuition is UNLIMITED CLASSES! This means that when you enroll for one class at My Gym Royal Oak, you can attend as many of the age-appropriate classes you want throughout the week for no extra cost! Classes and Practice & Plays must be booked ahead of time.

What classes can my child attend in ULIMITED CLASSES?

Your child will be enrolled in the one class that they commit to every week. You can attend this class, as well as any other classes that fit your child's age group. Please book any unlimited classes in advance through your online account to reserve your spot.

For example, Suzy is registered for the 9:20am Waddlers/Gymsters class on Wednesdays. Suzy and her mom decide to attend an extra class one week: the Waddlers program on Mondays at 10:20am. The next week they decide to attend the Sunday Siblings Class at 9:20am in addition to their regularly scheduled class on Tuesdays.

Why is Tiny Tykes not included in the unlimited class promotion?

Tiny Tykes is not included in the unlimited class promotion because there is only 1 class per week. This class is an introductory class to babies 4months-11 months old. Children in this class will still be able to book our Practice & Plays as this class is included in all tuitions.

How do I book an UNLIMITED CLASS?

Please log into your online account and book an UNLIMITED CLASS through your online account. If you are not sure how to do this please contact. See videos below on how to book an UNLIMITED CLASS.

Book an UNLIMITED CLASS on your mobilehttps://vimeo.com/400350314 

Book an UNLIMITED CLASS through your web browserhttps://vimeo.com/400350314


If I am currently in classes do I have to re-enroll for classes to receive the UNLIMITED CLASS special?

No! Anyone who is currently enrolled at My Gym Royal Oak will automatically receive the UNLIMITED CLASSES promotion! 


What happens if one of the classes I want to book is full?

The booking is a first come-first serve basis. You will know when the class is full because it will not appear on your screen when you go to book the class.


11. The class I want to book is not showing up on the screen?

There may be multiple reasons the class you would like to book is not showing up:

1) The class is full and no more bookings are available

2) You are already enrolled in this class. Check the "Classes" tab to see which classes you have already booked

3) You are trying to book a class more than one week in advance

4) Your child is not eligible for the class you are trying to book



What is the 2 Weeks of $29 promotion?

For a limited time only! My Gym Royal Oak is offering 2 weeks of UNLIMITED CLASSES for only $29! When you book the trial weeks for your child, you are enrolled for those two weeks. In addition to the class you choose, you will also be able to book additional classes through our UNLIMITED CLASSES (yes...it's all included in the $29!) These classes must be booked in advance. This promotion is for families who want to ensure that My Gym is the place for their child! After the 2 weeks you will be automatically enrolled into the program you had the trial classes in. 

Your trial says it is an automatic enrolment. Can I cancel after the trial?

Yes! The 2 week trial is to simply see if the program and class times are a good fit for you and your little one. If you decide that you do not want to continue classes after your trial you can opt out of the automatic enrollment by submitting a cancelation request through your online account. You must submit this cancellation request before the last day of your trial or the system will charge your account autmatically. 

Why is Tiny Tykes not included in the 2 week trial promotion?

Tiny Tykes class is a specialized class for 4months-11months old at 50% off our regular tuition cost. This class is not included in the 2 week trial because the trial is for unlimited classes only and Tiny Tykes is not included in the unlimited class promotion.



What is the price for your 4-week tuition?

The price for most classes is $129+GST ever 4 weeks (excluding Tiny Tykes). 

What is the price Tiny Tykes? 

The price of Tiny Tykes is 50% of our regular $129/4 weeks which ends up being $64.50/4 weeks of classes.

 Why can't I enrol into Practice & Play? 

Practice & Play is an unstructured parented class where kiddos can explore the gym and show their adults what they have been learning that week at My Gym! This class is simply an additional class to our regular classes as an additional bonus for members.



What happens if my child misses the class we booked?

If you are unable to attend a class, you are able to cancel the class through your online account. Please report an absence as soon as possible. When we know you are not coming we are able to give your spot to another lucky child. To report an absence please do not call us as we are often busy in class and unavailable to pick up the phone. 

To report an absence for your regularly scheduled class please fill out and absence report here: https://www.mygym.com/calgary/articles/8789 

If an emergency arises and you can not attend the class, you will simply be marked absent and you are able to book an UNLIMITED CLASS to make up for it!

We are not able to attend the same classes every week. Are we still able to enrol in your program?

Yes! At My Gym we are very flexible in working with families to ensure that you are able to attend as many classes as you can. Although we have to pick one class for you to register into, you are also able to book other class times through UNLIMITED CLASSES!



I need to cancel my 4-week tuition. How do I do this?

To cancel your enrolment please log into your account and click on your child's name under "Schedule Class". There will be an option to cancel classes.

When I go to cancel, I follow the steps above and the cancellation request button is not there?

If the cancellation request is not appearing on your screen it is because you have an outstanding balance on your account. Please contact calgary@mygym.com or 587-353-0813 to resolve the issue.

We are unable to attend classes for a few weeks but I do not want to cancel. Do you have a freeze option?

Yes! You are able to place a hold on your classes while you are away (1 week-8 weeks freeze options) at no cost! To place the freeze please log into your account and click on your child's name under "Schedule Class". There will be an option to freeze classes.



I am not able to commit to a full 4 weeks of classes. Am I able to drop in?

Yes you can purchase class card options here

I have purchased the class card, how do I book the class I want to attend?

Please log onto your online account to book the class card. The process is very similar to booking an UNLIMITED CLASS! Click on "schedule class" and choose the option to book with a class card. 

What happens if one of the classes I want to book is full?

The booking is a first come-first serve basis. You will know when the class is full because it will not appear on your screen when you go to book the class.


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