We are so excited to meet you at My Gym Cobble Hill! To get a great feel for our classes, team, and facility, we invite you to schedule one primary class and unlimited open gyms throughout your trial period. Your trial period starts when you select a primary class and start date. Once your primary class begins, you can attend as many Practice & Plays (Open Gyms) throughout your trial week.

We use a convenient auto-enroll feature. You get 1 full week of My Gym (this includes 1 Primary Class & Unlimited Practice & Play visits). You’ll become an active member the day after your guest experience ends at our membership rate of $199.00 for 1x per week class and Practice & Play. We auto-bill every 4 weeks - no strings attached and no contracts.

During your 1-week guest experience, if you feel we’re not a perfect fit, opting out through the website (or My Gym App - for Apple users) is super easy. We’ll take your name off the membership list - no questions asked. Our goal, however, is that you’ll love your classes with us and continue as an active member. 


Please come dressed in comfortable/athletic-style clothing. For safety, kids participate in bare feet, and adults wear socks.

What should you do?

  • First, make sure to reserve a day and time for your first class. Practice & Plays are unlimited and subject to availability. While we want everyone to have tons of fun and come to play as often as possible, the children's safety always comes first. You'll always have a space reserved in your "home class." You can choose that now to begin your 1-Week Guest Experience by clicking here - and that space stays reserved until you make changes. 
  • Before you come to the gym, there’s a little more info we are required to get from you. Click Here to Claim Your Account ahead of your visit if you haven't already done so. And, as a plus, you'll have more time to play on your first day!

When coming to the gym:

  • Adults wear socks on the gym floor, while children go barefoot for safety.
  • Please make sure no one in your family is showing signs of illness. If we see any, the staff will ask you to return on another day. Don't waste your gas or time - scheduling for a different day is so easy! Our policy is "Take No Chances" when it comes to the health of our children, parents, and the My Gym Staff.
  • A water bottle is great to bring along. We keep all food and drink in the lobby and off the gym floor. We have some students with allergies, so while pouches and dry snacks are fine, please keep in mind those around you. And no nut products of any kind, please. 
  • Let us know if you'll miss your "home class." Opening a space for a friend is so kind, and you'll appreciate it when scheduling in other classes too.

You can email or text us if you have additional questions. We’ll see you at the big circle soon. YAY

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