What Are My Gym Parents Saying?

What Are My Gym Parents Saying?

We joined about a month ago and my 2 year old has been LOVING this place! He is constantly asking to go and never gets bored. It has been an awesome way to finally let him socialize and explore somewhere new after the long past year. There's always something cool and fun to do and the staff are welcoming and great. Would totally recommend!
-Viktoriya Skuz

Love this place! Different concept going in and out of the areas! Really liked that! Need a whole day to really explore! Bonus is views of My Gym Framingham on a warm clear day!
-Lynette S

I had two of my daughters birthday parties at My Gym pre-pandemic. They both were fantastic experiences. The staff kept the kids engaged, made each of my girls feel very special and the other kids at the party had a great time. We will be back!
-David W

My kids were thrilled about coming here. Feels great to see my kiddos having so much fun under one roof!
-Parbattie P

I've had fantastic experiences with this location! First, we hosted my kid's third birthday party at MyGym and it was great time! (I have the reference point of attending many other kids birthday parties, including similar facilities like Gymboree, and this place surpass them by far.) The staff was engaged, patient, and super energetic with the kids, and provided great instruction in fun games and activities. They also assisted in set-up/clean up of all the party decorations and food. Secondly, my kid's daycare closes for a 1 week summer vacation every year, so I enrolled her in the MyGym half-day camps. She has Type 1 Diabetes, which requires careful monitoring of blood sugar and extra attention, particularly during physical activity. The staff handled everything with great care and attention. The Kid was thrilled each day she attended, I couldn't have asked for more. Highly recommend!
-Vera Y

We had my sons 2nd birthday here on Sunday. I have never seen him smile so much. He and all his friends had a BLAST. The games and activities were engaging, age appropriate and fun! I loved everything about it and can't wait to come back!! Thank you so much MY GYM! We recommend this place to everyone!
-Evelyn R

[M]y son Rahim looks forward to seeing his teachers at My Gym every week!! he loved it soo much that we signed up for unlimited classes!! a real treat for him and great bonding time for us as well.
-Jasmine OO

They did an AMAZING job with my son’s 5th birthday!! They were energetic and engaging, and every single child had a blast! Additional plus, they took care of everything on the parent side too so that I could just enjoy my son’s party. I HIGHLY recommend them!
-Kaitlyn FB

Did an AMAZING job with my 3 year old’s birthday party. The manager, who ran the party, learned every kiddos name. The children had a blast, and it was very easy to organize. I would absolutely recommend!!
-Miriam R

Wonderful and caring staff who truly enjoy working with the kids.
-Allison DB

I have been taking my son (now almost 4) to My Gym Framingham for close to 2 years. He has loved every second of it! As soon as my daughter was born last year, I knew that she would have to join too and now they both take classes together. The kids love the classes and instructors and many of them have become part of the family. We often have class with Meghan and she is an absolute gem. The kids know her and love her and she's an amazing asset to the gym. We keep going simply because of her and the other instructors. I highly recommend!
-Christina C

My son has been enjoying My Gym so much. He absolutely loves the staff, especially Laura and Anthony. Every time a new employee starts, like Derek, my son talks about them for days. My Gym in Framingham is like our second home.
-Iryna S

We have been coming here for over 1.5 years. We just had my daughter's 2nd birthday party and the staff was amazing!! They were extremely energetic and helpful with every step of the party from setting up to cleaning up. I'm beyond pleased with my experience with then!! My daughter had the time of her life. Thank you My Gym!!
-Gabby C

My son loves this place. The instructors are amazing and their birthday parties are well orchestrated and fun.
-Mary S

My name is Erin [H], a resident of Framingham and mom of two boys. My oldest son, Michael, recently had his fifth birthday party at My Gym Framingham, and I wanted to share our amazing experience with you and also thank you for a birthday party that exceeded all of our expectations! From the moment we stepped in the door, we felt completely welcomed. Alexa and Melissa seemed genuinely happy to see us and so enthusiastic about the party (even at 5:00 pm after what I can only imagine was a long day!). Michael, who can typically start off shy in new situations and take a while to warm up to new people, immediately connected with Alexa and Melissa and felt totally comfortable and happy with them! The week before, I mentioned on the phone that Michael loves Star Wars. We were so amazed that Melissa and Alexa had designed a party that incorporated Star Wars into every SECOND of the party! There was a "Jedi training course", multiple Star Wars games with accompanying Star Wars music, a light saber extravaganza (in which they dressed my husband as Darth Vader - hysterical!), and of course, the birthday serenade where Michael was pulled on a sled to the Star Wars main theme song. Every single second was exciting, fun, and completely tailored to Michael. He had the absolute time of his life, and I could not stop smiling watching him. Alexa and Melissa had the kids laughing and me laughing as if I were a kid! I think what is special about these two women is that they have that special personality that truly understands young children and what makes them "tick". The kids were absolutely drawn to them immediately and engaged in everything they said or had them do. They played the role of fitness coach, teacher, and actor all at once, and they were so amazing at all three roles! It is rare to see people pull off all of that. In fact, Michael's third and fourth birthdays were held at other kid gyms in the area, and the instructors were skilled athletes, but didn't have the teacher/actor part. This made for a party that was easy for parents to plan, but not super engaging for the kids. Melissa and Alexa have it ALL - the athleticism, the enthusiasm, the energy, the humor...everything needed to completely WOW 20 2-5 year olds. They are truly gems and My Gym is extremely lucky to have them on their team!!!! The party flowed beautifully from one activity to the next. The cake / pizza portion was great because Alexa and Melissa set everything up, served food, facilitated the Happy Birthday song, cleaned up, AND HAD MY SON THANK EVERYONE WHO CAME, INCLUDING HIS PARENTS!!!! That is worth its weight in gold right there. In conclusion, Melissa and Alexa are absolute rockstars and should be recognized for throwing the most amazing kids' party I've ever seen. They went above and beyond to create an OUTSTANDING party that we will never forget! Melissa and Alexa - thank you!!! My entire family will forever smile when we remember Michael's best birthday ever!
-Erin H

We've never attended a party (although I've heard good things about them) but the classes are phenomenal. Well organized, age appropriate, encouraging, etc. They bring out a new organized activity every 10 minutes or so, but the kids have plenty of free time to "explore the gym" too. They change the gym around completely every week, so it's always new. We've been to probably a hundred classes and I have NEVER seen the staff look anything but thrilled to be there and thrilled to be working with the kids. They always remember the kids' names and call them by their names.
-Sharon B

We just had our daughter's 4th birthday party here!!! Drew and Annecia are amazing. They are in sync, well organized and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were amazed at how quickly Drew memorized the kids names. Highly recommend for a birthday party!
-M B

This gym is fabulous! We have our baby's 1st birthday here, full of surprises, the program is very organized and staff are super energetic and friendly and creative. And we attend other location's parties and none can even match a bit. This place just is simply awesome! Super recommend for your birthday party!
-May L

This is a great consistent activity for kids and the staff is great and enthusiastic. Very clean environment and loads of fun. Would highly recommend.
-Jason R

We had my son's 3rd birthday party here, and were thrilled! The staff was wonderful, activities were safe, and kids were happy! They even tailored some of the games to fit my 7 year old (who I thought would be bored stiff) and keep him interested and happy. They had this thing planned to the minute!! Fantastic all around.
-Julie K

Perfect gym for babies through big kids. My kids have all enjoyed My Gym and the awesome staff. From tumbling and gymnastics skills to fun and games, puppet shows, bubbles and dance parties with light shows, there is always something new and exciting every week and there are also free Open Gym times which are a lifesaver in the winter or in bad weather to get the kids outside. Can't say enough about this gym and staff. Also incredible birthday parties. No one does a better party in town.
-Renee L

This is what children's activity centers should be like. ... Kids have fun - The obstacle courses and the kid-appropriate gym equipment are decorated with seasonal stickers and lots of lights. The kids are almost invited to burn off steam and there is always lots of giggling and laughing while they play. Staff is 100% about making sure that the kids are safe and having fun - There are many places where it is painfully obvious that the people are there just to "have a job" and don't care about the kids. The team at My Gym are engaged, listen to children, challenge them with activities. They are as much into songs and play as I am with my own kids. ... Facility is roomy - I've been to the place when dozens of kids are present and there is plenty of room for everyone to run around and have fun, even for the parents to sit on the side and enjoy a quiet moment while their kids are playing safely.
-Nana J

5 stars in our book! This place is awesome for birthday parties. The instructors are excited to interact with the kids, are organized, and bring toddler parties to a new level! It was easy breezy to have a fun time. Thanks for a great party Dave & crew.
-Colleen LR

We love My Gym! Dave and staff are amazing. Classes and bday parties, special events, parents' night out...a local fun gem!
-Emily M

Today we had our son's 2nd birthday party at My Gym Framingham. I have to say that this was hands down THE BEST birthday party I have ever had for one of my children (he is the youngest of of 5). Dave and Eve made his party so perfect. The age range of children was 1-6 and every single one of them had a blast! My two older daughters (11 & 13) who I thought were going to be helpers, were comfortable jumping right in with the little ones to enjoy their youth. I can't thank them enough for the memories that were made today and I can't wait to spread the word about what a great time we had!
-Michelle D

We love going to My Gym each week! The staff are all amazing with the kids and are all very energetic! The 50 minutes class goes by really quick and my daughter looks forward to it. Highly recommend!!!
-Jessica HB

Great energy, organized and genuine people. We've been going with our two kiddos for the past four years, with some birthday parties and evening events sprinkled in. One of our favorite places and some great memories.
-Rick K

We absolutely LOVE My Gym Framingham! Dave and all of his staff are amazing with the kids and our daughter, Hannah, recently chose to return to My Gym rather than continue with her dance lessons. Each week brings an increase to her self-confidence and skill levels. We also just had Hannah's birthday party there - Drew and Alexis were FABULOUS! All of the friends and family that were there were amazed by their talents with the kids and how much fun every child had! Thank you, My Gym staff!
-Andrea LG

We had our son's 3rd birthday here and it was awesome. When we left my oldest asked if he could have his party there!
-Heather W

I had my daughter's birthday party there and they did a great job! The employees (Dave and Ashley) were wonderful with the kids ages 3-8. Definitely recommend!
-Lynn C

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