How to Encourage Baby Development

How to Encourage Baby Development

If you’re unsure on how to encourage baby development, you should start thinking “I really do need to ask around about the most engaging parent and child classes near me in La Jolla.” You want to have your kid signed up when the time is right so they would get the most out of the classes, but also have fun along the way by enjoying plenty of physical activity. Trust us, the benefits of classes for you and your child are incredible, and it’s all the easier if you’ve got experienced baby development pros teaching you the ropes.

Form a connection

It sounds too easy, too commonplace. “Well of course I’m well-connected with my baby.” However, you’d be surprised about how many parents get this wrong. And connection is crucial, as your baby needs adequate love and support in order to thrive.

So, before embarking upon the “how to encourage baby development” quest, create a titanium-strong connection between you and your child. Hold it close as much as you can, sing, talk, smile, make funny faces… And then, find quality baby development classes in La Jolla. My Gym is an excellent place to start.

Provide your baby with a sense of security

Security goes hand in hand with connecting with your baby. These two processes happen simultaneously. While forming a connection, it is normal to make your baby feel safe, loved, and secure. And, we don’t want to hear about any of those Ferber methods. If your baby cries, you answer. All of these are important pieces in the “how to encourage baby development” jigsaw puzzle.

Excite all the senses

Somewhere around the second or third month, your baby will begin to increasingly explore the world. This is an excellent time to start presenting your baby with various textures to touch and feel. Also, try to stimulate all the other senses, by presenting your baby with different smells, sights, and sounds.

So, you see, you’ve been fretting about how to encourage baby development for no reason. It’s all quite simple and thoroughly fun. However, if you want to assure the fastest possible progress, enroll in premium baby sensory classes at My Gym La Jolla. They’re astoundingly stimulating.

“Tummy time” is essential

It sounds silly when you put it like this, but you can call it other names if you want it to sound more serious. “Yummy tummy”, “tummy tumbling” … There are options. Joking aside, it is vital to give your baby plenty of belly time, as it is a must when it comes to how to encourage baby development.

You can start practicing this somewhere around the second month. Tummy time will help develop basic motor skills. Just place your baby on your lap or chest, and hold it in your arms. After some time, you can move your baby to a blanket. Let the baby try to crawl on its own.

Just know that babies, for some reason, don’t particularly like doing this, although it is good for them, so you might want to look for some baby tumbling classes in La Jolla, and see how professionals do it.

Talking does wonders

You know how they say that talking or singing to plants makes them grow taller and stronger? Well, with babies, it’s this, times a million or so. One of the aspects of how to encourage baby development is working on verbal skills. And, the sooner you start, the better.

And you thought all those Hollywood movies depicting parents talking to their unborn children at the belly were just poppycock? Sometimes even the movies get it right. Babies learn to speak by imitating parents, and the sooner you start providing them with sounds to imitate, the sooner you can hope to hear them utter “mama” and “dada”.

Toys, toys, toys

When you’ve attended plenty of baby development classes in La Jolla, and you’ve noticed your baby showing impressive motor skills, you know it’s time to do something more. Our advice is – buy some toys.

No no no, it’s not about spoiling your baby, it’s about your baby having interesting and colorful objects about that will entice movement and physical activity. And, when a baby is motivated to grasp, move, and hold, you can be sure he or she is going to do so. Toys – a big plus in the “how to encourage baby development” column.

Get involved in interactive games

Just to be on the safe side – when we say interactive games, we don’t mean video games on smartphones or tablets. Although there is scientific research that suggests playing video games improves hand-eye coordination amongst other things, it’s for a much older age.

During the ninth month, usually, babies develop what is called object permanence, meaning they now know when something is present, and when it isn’t. You can start with the ever so simple and ever so cute “peekaboo”, and work your way from there.

If you think your baby is ready for more, than hop to the nearest gym that organizes sensory and playtime activities for babies in La Jolla, and steal all the tricks from experienced experts.

Still unsure how to encourage baby development? We’ve all been there, which is why we’re here now!

My Gym La Jolla is the answer to all your questions on fostering the development of your baby, and doing it in an interesting, safe, and loving way. Here at My Gym La Jolla, we not only adore children of all ages, we know what makes them thrive the most. Our superstar team of baby development adepts has envisioned many activities and different classes, and you will find the perfect fit for your munchkin in no time. Plus, we wholeheartedly advise parent participation as well, which means you won’t spend a single moment separated from your bundle of joy. Seek us out today!

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