Children Birthday Parties: How Can I Make My Child Feel Special?

Children Birthday Parties: How Can I Make My Child Feel Special?

Oh, children. They are precious gifts, and parents dedicate every free second they have to their precious little ones. That’s exactly how it should be, as there is no greater gift to parents than seeing their children happy.

Which brings us to the topic of children birthday parties. It’s the most important of days in every child’s life, and parents want to make it as magical as it can be.

However, making your child feel really special on her birthday is not so easy. Celebrating your child’s birthday means knowing how to plan a properly good party, knowing how long a party should last, which then entails choosing the birthday party location from numerous venues for children’s birthday parties, choosing activities, food, drinks… The list goes on an on. Normal of you to cry for help! Luckily, we’re here to answer. With our help, everything will be just fine .

How can I surprise my kids on their birthday?

A good surprise is half the job well done! Who doesn’t like being surprised on their birthday? OK, ok, there probably are those of us that have grown out of it, us not included, but children… Children adore surprises of all shapes and sizes, and you can bet on it that your child will adore your attempts.

But how to do it, you ask? How do I do everything in my power to shower my children with enough surprises on their birthday so they absolutely scream with unbridled excitement? Well, here are some ideas how to make it last all day long, well, at least until the party. Just be careful not to use all the ideas for a single birthday!

What surprises are good morning surprises?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Translate that into birthday surprises for your children, and it reads “Surprise me in the morning and I’ll be a happy kitten the whole day!. Here are some possibilities.

  • Birthday bathroom greetings - Just nudge your child in the direction of the morning toothbrush. All children hate it, so imagine their surprise when they see a lipstick on the mirror spelling out “Happy birthday!”. Personalize the message and watch them smile.

  • Birthday throne befitting the king or queen of the day - Take the time to extravagantly decorate your child’s seat at the table. Use balloons, ribbons, streamers… Go wild, and prepare your child for the final morning surprise, which is

  • Birthday breakfast - Yes, this one is a bit obvious, but with a twist: On the morning of the birthday, you let your child decide what to eat, and you make it. French toast with bacon, jam, and pickles? Why not. Sunny side up wrapped in cheddar and sprinkled with raisins? Good to go! Indulge your child, but only this once.

How do I keep it up until the party?

And you thought we’ve exhausted all our ideas for the morning session? Well, you thought poorly! The surprises are just beginning. Allow your child some time to relax, play, and recuperate from the hefty breakfast, and then move on to phase two of Operation Munchkin Pumpkin!

  • Lunch box decoration - As with everything else, decorate your child’s lunch box. Make him be the talk of the school break, and see just how special he will feel once all the other children say “Happy birthday”, in awe of the lunch box from another dimension.

  • Notes around the hose - As your child goes about the daily routine, place posts with cute messages around the usual stomping grounds. As the daily activities continue, the surprises keep on coming.

  • Birthday bath - As the final step of the party preparation phase, a birthday bath is just what your child needs to prepare for the activity-packed afternoon that is to come. Fill the bathtub with balloons, draw a bubbly-bath spectacular, and grab some of the best toys for your child to play with. Sounds good to us too.

Where to take kids on their birthday?

This question has everything to do with the age of your children. Depending on the age, the places that will wow your kids and make them have the time of their life differ too. So, while a two-year-old will have loads of fun in a bouncy castle, it may be a bit too little for a child of 13.

That is why we have tried to help parents with children of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes, to see that they don’t have to make any compromises planning their further birthday surprises. Let’s see what would make the younger and older of our youngest ones jump with joy.

What are good places to take younger kids to?

When it comes to young children, there are many great ideas for making your child enjoy various activities. These are just some of the ideas that are certain to entertain your child.

  • Bouncy castles - The omnipresent entity every young child jumps into without exception. Need we say more?

  • Tea party - If it’s a girl’s birthday party, is there really a better surprise than an imaginary tea party for all the dolls? We’ve seen it in movies, but it sure works in real life too.

  • Swim party - If you’d like a more active surprise for your child, swim parties are always an amazing ideas. Plus, it’s fun for the whole family.

  • Movie theaters - Let your child pick the movie, buy some popcorn, some sodas, and woohoo. Just mind the rating.

  • Ice cream shops - It’s a scientific fact that all children adore ice cream. Enough said.

  • Zoos - Animals are beautiful creatures. Children love them, and animals love them back. Take your child to a petting zoo and let them play with these beautiful creatures. Or, if your children prefer sea animals, Birch Aquarium in San Diego is always a safe bet!

What are good places to take older kids to?

When your children reaches the age of 10, it might become a bit more difficult to please them. Their young personalities are slowly beginning to enter the period of change every parent dreads, and their wants and needs slowly become less predictable. But who says that is going to stop you?

  • Trampoline parks - This is a safe bet. Not advisable for younger children, but older ones will surely love it!

  • Rock climbing - The best way to let your children know you believe them when they say “I’m big now” is to show them you do! Rock climbing is a good way to do so!

  • Laser tag - Or should we say Laseeeeeer taaaaaaaaag? You know what it’s all about!

  • Escape rooms - This is perfect for children who are a bit older, perhaps 13 and above. Escape rooms are a great way for them to stretch their little gray cells, while having loads of fun.

  • Karaoke venues - Let your children find their inner Beyonces and Biebers. Who knows, they might possess a hidden talent.

What are good places for birthday parties?

Finally, we’ve come to the main event, the pièce de résistance, the centerpiece of your child’s special day, the birthday party itself. You’ve worked hard, you’ve reached the endgame, don’t stumble so close to the finish line. We’ve been with you so far, we’re not going to leave now.

And because we’re not going to leave, we’ll present some birthday party venue ideas that will truly make your child feel unique. Depending on the preferences of both parents and children, the weather conditions, climate, and so on, there are two main subcategories to this most important event - outdoor and indoor locations.

Could you give me some good outdoor party ideas?

We sure can. Outdoor parties can be a real blast, for both the parents and the children. The children have ample space to run around, and parents won’t go deaf from all the noise. It’s a win-win for all.

  • Park parties - Set up some picnic tables, some swings from the trees, balloons, tables, the works. You can even choose to install some plastic slides, just to make in extra special. Plus, parks offer enough space for kickball, badminton, or softball.

  • Amusement park parties - Let’s take it up a notch! Amusement park parties are excellent fun for all children. They will be amused and active, and full of impressions once they get back home. One downside is that you have to be extremely careful and lead a very tight squad of children.

  • Beach party - Is there a better place for a birthday party than the beach? You’d probably have to think long and hard to come up with something. Take some blankets, pack snacks and drinks, and you’re golden.

What about indoor parties?

When it comes to indoor birthday parties, there are really only two options - a home party and a gym party. Both options come only with advantages, and you can be sure you won’t go wrong with either one.

  • Home party - This is ideal for the youngest of children, especially if the parents decide that the child is too young for an out-of-home party. All of us now just how interesting home parties can be, and giving any more advice on it would be a waste of time.

  • Gym party - Again, ideal for children of all ages, but with one gigantic plus: you let the professionals do all the work. When it comes to children parties at gyms, every single one is a perfectly organized celebration dedicated to your child. The staff will go out of their way to decorate the space, plan interesting activities that will engage your child in ways you never thought possible, and create an atmosphere of utter joy. At a gym party, the thrills will just keep on coming!

I’ve decided on a gym party, but where can I find the best gym in San Diego for my child’s birthday?

All of us do our best to make children all around us feel special. Just look at the work they’re doing in Center for Children in San Diego. And when it’s your child’s birthday… Well, it’s time for the big guns, right?

It is because we know and because we do the same that we have worker long and hard to create a perfect place where children will be able to come and celebrate their birthdays in the most interesting and fun ways imaginable.

The professionals who work at My Gym La Jolla are masters of their craft, and it shows in every party they throw. Plus, our birthday party venue for children is truly magical, especially when we’re done decorating it.  So, if you want to give your child the best of birthday gifts, let us organize the party. You won’t regret it!

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