Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday: How Long Should It Last and Do You Have to Be Present?

Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday: How Long Should It Last and Do You Have to Be Present?

When you’re trying to give it your all to celebrate your child’s birthday in the best way possible, you’re sure to run into some obstacles and uncertainties along the way.

For example, making an effort to surprise your kid on his or her birthday is only the beginning. You have to think about what to serve at the party, as well as where to organize the party, and how exactly to choose among the many birthday party venues in La Jolla.

And then, just as you’ve worked all that out, more uncertainties. How long should it last, should you be present, how old should my child be for me to simply drop him off…

How long should a birthday party last?

When it comes to the usual lengths for children’s birthday parties, there is no uniform consensus of “a party should last an hour and forty-two minutes and not a minute longer” sort of thing. It all rather depends on the age of your child, his or her likes and dislikes, as well as other children present at the party.

So, again, to provide an answer to this questions, we have to separate the answers into “age groups”, that is, try to speak from experience about how long parties usually last for children of different ages.

How long are parties for younger kids?

When it comes to young children, parties are, normally, shorter in duration than those for our older loved ones. As for how long they usually are, let’s see.

  • Three years and under - When it comes to the smallest bundles of joy, these kind of parties are usually quite short, anywhere from half an hour to one hour, depending on the general mood.

  • Four to six years - This is when kids start to get properly active, so having a party last from an hour to two hours is long enough. Children of this age like to run about a lot, so this is plenty of time for them to enjoy all the activities without becoming too exhausted.

  • Six to ten years - As for children of this age, those who usually frequent one of the schools in the San Diego Unified School District, it’s rather difficult to say. They are certain to have many friends, they will enjoy different activities. But, again, we feel that any longer than two, two and a half hours is too long.

What about parties for older kids?

When it comes to older children, those in grades 6 and higher, as well as those children who are in high school, we’re afraid there is no right answer. It all comes down to your own parenting compass, and your own feelings about just how long your child should be at a birthday party.

Those of us who are constantly exclaiming that it was easier when they were young are right when it comes to birthday parties. As they get older, they begin to change, the peer pressures become all the greater, so there really is no single right answer to this question. Our advice is to talk to your child, see how he or she feels about it, and then reach a compromise. There really is no other way of working it out.

Should parents stay at birthday parties?

When it comes to staying at a birthday party with your child, there, again, is no clear age line when it’s no longer right to do so. And, for this problem, it’s not only about the age of the children. There are other considerations to be made as well.

Is my child old enough to be alone at a party?

This depends on the venue of the party, the age of the children attending the party, as well as whether or not you would feel safe leaving your child alone at the party. Etiquette dictates that young children should always be chaperoned by their parents when attending birthday parties. Not only is it a reasonable thing to do, but it is also the courteous way of helping the organizers.

As for the part of your child being old enough to be at a birthday party alone… This largely depends on the venue and your preferences as a parent. For example, even young children can be alone if a party is organized by a professional gym that specializes in throwing parties for children.

If it’s not a party organized by professionals, it is best to reach a conclusion whether or not you should leave your child alone at a party. The best course of action is to talk to your child and reach an agreement. Nobody likes being embarrassed, but safety is always the primary concern.

Am I imposing by staying at the party?

If your child is young, and, when we say young, any child under the age of 10 is too young to be alone at a party in our opinion, there simply is no imposing. You are there to make sure your child is all right, and to escort your munchkin home once the party is over.

However, some parent who organize a party for their bit older children sometimes don’t factor in the food and the drinks needed for parents of the children. In these situations, it is best to check with the organizers, and see whether your presence has been planned or not.

At what age do you drop kids off for a birthday party?

We’re sorry to do this to you again, but we have to be honest and tell you there isn’t a set rule for when it is okay to drop your kids off for a birthday party, and go back home or wait at a cafe until the party is over.

Although it is unusual for really young kids to be alone at birthday parties, it is done all the time when professionals are involved in the organizing process for a birthday party. If a party is at a gym that usually organizes parties for children, you can be sure that your children will be safe, active, and entertained.

As for other types of parties it, again, all comes down to the agreement between the parents who are organizing the party, and the parents whose children are attending. If it’s young children, the rule of thumb is that parents stay at the party. As for older children, check with the organizers. A simple “Parents welcome” or “Drop-off OK” on the invitation are enough to let you know.

I want the professionals to organize the party for my child, but who are the best ones in La Jolla?

If you want your child to have the best birthday party imaginable, with numerous interesting activities, great food and drinks, and constant care and attention, then the only place you should consider for your child’s birthday party venue in La Jolla is My Gym La Jolla.

My Gym La Jolla is an amazing place where children’s dreams come true. The staff has amazing ideas for various children activities, and will go out of their way to make the wishes of you and your children come true.

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