Toddlers and Sports: What Is the Best One and When Should My Child Start?

Toddlers and Sports: What Is the Best One and When Should My Child Start?

You know your toddler should take up sports, but you don’t know what the right time to start sports is? You know just how important social play is, and you definitely know how important sports are, but you don’t know how to get your child interested in sports?

And, with so many available sports for toddlers in La Jolla, your mind starts spinning and your thoughts begin to nervously swirl inside your head? Sound about right? We’ve seen it all too often, which is why we’re going to help.

What is the best sport for toddlers?

It’s never too soon to take up sports, not even when your child is still just a toddler. Many parents think that the perfect time for your child to try out a sport is when he or she starts attending one of the schools of the San Diego Unified School District. But that’s “classic” sports you’re thinking.

Children can do many things sports-related long before that, it’s all a matter of careful consideration and personal preferences of your kid. We’re going to give you a couple of suggestions, but it’s up to you, and especially your child, to choose. 

Just one final advice - at this young an age, unstructured activities tend to be the best option. Your child is still far too young to start going to basketball or football practice, and you should be aware of that. Leave that for later.

  • Running - As basic as it gets, but just as beneficial.

  • Tumbling - It allows your child to get a greater sense of the body and its limits.

  • Throwing - This activity enhances the overall coordination, as well as fitness.

  • Catching - Similar to throwing, catching, again, increases hand-eye coordination, boosts physical readiness, and is quite fun too.

  • Swimming - Get your kid into a pool as soon as possible, as swimming is one of the best sports for all ages and stages.

What is a good age for a child to start running?

When it comes to the mere appearance of basic physical and psychological prerequisites for running, toddlers usually develop them in the timespan of 18 to 24 months of age. Some kids may start running sooners, some a bit later, but this is the general window. 

On the other hand, some parents can be quite overprotective, and they find that their children might have started running too soon, so they try to limit their excursions into the speedy side of life due to fear of injury. No reason to do so. Just let your child run on soft surfaces, such as grass, and relax.

However, if you were thinking about the right time for your child to start running running, i.e. begin to take running seriously and practice it as a sport, there are really no rules. The consensus is that any age under the age of five is too young, but over that… Sky is the limit.

You just have to take two serious aspects into account - One, your child has to have fun while running, and two, there should be no bigger injuries hindering you kid’s running. If your child is running with a smile on his or her face, and if there is no pain or injury to be mindful of, all we can say is this - run like the wind kid!

At what age should a child focus on one sport?

As for choosing a sport, early on, your child should play the field. Literally. Let your kid play as many sports as he or she wants, just to see which one feels right and which one brings the most enjoyment and satisfaction.

Then, as your child gets older, it should be his decision which sport to focus on, and which others to neglect. There is no set age to make this decision at, it’s all quite individual, and works as an agreement between parents and children. The only advice we can give is to let your child try sports out, and then let him or her reach the decision on their own, but in agreement with you.

“Where can my toddler start running and tumbling in a safe environment?”

Taking your child for a running sessions down to Ka Jolla Cove might be a tall order if he or she has just learnt how to do it. Instead, your child needs a safe environment to really take off. And that is just what we offer!

My Gym La Jolla is the best spot in La Jolla for toddler sports, and an environment where your child can safely test the limits. Our staff is professional and completely dedicated, and they will do everything in their power to see your child thrive. Come whenever, and try out our classes. Every first class is completely free and totally fun!

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