Sports and Games: Just How Important Are They for Kids?

Sports and Games: Just How Important Are They for Kids?

You might have heard games and sports are necessary, you know how to foster social development of your child through play, you may be aware of how to choose a sport for your child, and you probably know how to get your own kid interested in sports.

But are you familiar with just how significant games and sports are for your young children? If you’re unsure about the importance of sports and games in early childhood development, we’ll show you why sports for children are always an amazing idea!

Why sports and games are important for children?

The reasons are many, and some of them, as you’ll see, are quite easy to work out, while others seem to be a bit more elusive. But, reasons being obvious or not, your child should definitely participate in sports and games, even before they start attending a school of the San Diego Unified School District, and here’s why.

  1. Health benefits - Participating in sports from an early age increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, while also improving coordination and sleep. Plus, kids who partake in physical activities are less stressed than those who do not.

  2. Social benefits - Being involved in sports and games with other children their age highly increases the social capabilities of your child. He or she will make more friends taking part in sports with others, and will learn how to socialize better.

  3. The great outdoors - Playing sports and games means being outdoors, and in today’s highly technological society we live in, that’s a huge plus. Your kids will be out in the fresh air, away from tablet and computer screens, taking in all the beauties of being out in the open.

  4. Obesity - Because our society is getting more technologica, childhood obesity increases as well, with thirty percent of children being characterized as obese. That’s in the whole world. Sports and games are a huge asset in decreasing childhood obesity.

  5. Teamwork - Playing team sports teaches your child how to cooperate with others from an early age, which can only be a great plus for later life. 

  6. Discipline and dedication - It’s not all fun and games, as sports do require a level of dedication and discipline from your child. Sports and games teach children patience, determination, but also how to deal with failure. 

How often should my child play sports and games?

There really isn’t a set rule for how many times a week or month your child should take part in sports and games. However, there is a logical conclusion to be drawn when it comes to this matter.

For young children, who are still too young to attend school, you might be tricked into thinking that your child could play sports a lot, let’s say five times a week. But, as important sports and games are, so is free time, and your child should be given ample opportunity to enjoy his.

The best way is to try it out for two to three times per week, with two time a week being the minimum. After that, talk to your children, see if they’re enjoying it, and, in agreement with your child, up the ante. 

Should I stay while my child plays sports and games?

Separation anxiety is real, and many children are experiencing it. That being said, you should keep your child company the first couple of times, just to minimize any social anxiety that might surface and to prevent further appearance. 

After that, you should allow your child to play sports and games alone with his or her peers, but under the supervision of experienced professionals in charge of the activities. Otherwise, your child will fail to socialize properly with other children, which can leave lasting consequences.

“What is the best place in La Jolla for my child to participate in sports and games?”

If you want your child to be active from as early an age as possible, but still be quite entertained with every activity and under close watch of professionals, there’s only one place for you - My Gym La Jolla! Children love our sports and games, and they have loads of fun playing them. So, on your way to the Blue Sky Reserve, stop by our place, and see what we have to offer!

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