FAQ's & Managing your online account

FAQ's & Managing your online account

How Do I Join the Fun?  Schedule your child’s FREE GUEST CLASS online or call/text at (801)614-0123.  You and your child will get to visit the gym and participate in a class for free so you can see for yourself what all the buzz is about!  Kids (and parents) agree...My Gym is the place to be! 

What is this $75 Family Membership Fee and do I pay it yearly?  - The membership fee is simply a registration fee.  The great thing about our membership fee is that it is per FAMILY, not child, AND you only pay it one time....ever.  If your child is enrolled in class for 5 months and then you stop for whatever reason, when you are ready to sign up again you DO NOT pay that membership fee again. Membership also includes discounts on our amazing birthday parties, camps and Parent’s Nights Out!

How long are classes and do parents participate?  - Parents participate in classes with kids under 3.25 years and those classes are 50 minutes long.  Once children are 3.25 years they can start in independent classes and parents can stay and watch (or if parent and child are comfortable they can be dropped off) and those classes are an hour in length.  

What is the cost? - The cost for classes at My Gym is $70 every 4 weeks for 1 class per week and all Practice & Play’s (Open Gym time!) and $95 every 4 weeks for Unlimited Classes.  This also includes unlimited open gym times listed on the schedule as "Practice & Play".  Payments occur on the day your child is enrolled.  We do offer military and sibling discounts.

How long do I need to stay in classes?  - There is an 8 week minimum.  Some kids need time to adjust to the structure of classes and it may take them 6-8 weeks before they really feel comfortable and participate fully in our program. Our classes are skill-based, and it will take at least this amount of time to really start seeing the benefits of our program in your child.  

How do I cancel? - We do require a 4 week minimum notice to cancel. We will determine your child's last class date by counting 28 days from their next class.  

What if I have a sick child or we are out of town on the day of our class?  -  If your child is sick or at an appointment, or your family is out of town, don't worry, you won't have to miss out on your class (or your money)!  We have a great make up policy -  You would just come to another class from your child's age group (scheduled in advance).  There is an option to freeze your account if you know in advance that you will be missing two weeks or more (up to 8) in a row. 

What is Practice & Play?  Practice & Plays are one of the many benefits of being enrolled in class at My Gym Layton. This is a time for your child to explore and play in the gym with no structured activities. We offer 3-5 different Practice & Play times depending on the time of year.

Can I just pay to come to Practice and Play times if my child is not enrolled?  - Yes, Practice and Plays are $6 per visit, this cost is per child.

Can I drop off my child for Practice and Play? - No, parents are required to be on the gym floor with their child to keep the gym safe for this all-ages program.  Just a general reminder that Practice & Plays are parent participation.  All adults need to wear socks when accompanying the child on the floor, if you forget socks we have them for $3 a pair.

Can I rent out the gym?
Yes. You can schedule a Private Celebration or schedule a field trip with us!

How do I manage my account? 

How do I stay up to date with all My Gym Layton news?  Make sure you are as up to date as possible by becoming a fan of My Gym LAYTON on Facebook!! Don't miss all of our latest specials, events, announcements and more! 






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