How My Gym Works

How My Gym Works

My Gym was born out of our passion to teach children in a fun, physically engaging environment. We are delighted in seeing children's eyes light up for all those incredible milestones, from the tentative first steps to tumbling down soft mats. Sharing the parents’ excitement at their children’s accomplishments was the high point of our day.


Here is how My Gym Works!


My Gym offers a lifetime, family, membership, that allows members to enroll in classes as well as receive discounts on birthday parties, camps, and special events at any My Gym around the world. To become a member, you must pay a one-time fee of $75, which is suitable for the entire family.

Class Tuition

My Gym class enrollments/tuition run on a four-week recurring payment of $120+tax for the Basic plan, $170+tax for the Popular Plan, and $210+tax for the Unlimited Plan. 

The Basic Tuition Plan of $120+tax gets your child ONLY one age-appropriate structured class week for four weeks and no Practice & Plays (Open Play Times). If you would like to enroll using this plan, you must call or text us at 718-788-2200 or email us at 

The Popular Tuition Plan of $170+tax gets you one structured class a week and unlimited Practice & Plays (Open Play Times) for four weeks. 

The Unlimited Tuition Plan of $210+tax gets you unlimited age-appropriate structured classes and unlimited Practice & Plays (Open Play Times) for four weeks. 

Siblings or twins will get 10% off. A minimum of two recurring payments is required upon enrolling. Afterward, a cancelation notice can be submitted at any time prior to the next recurring charge date. To ensure that the appropriate number of trained staff are available, we do not operate as a drop-in program. 

Enrollment Flexibility and Recurring Billing

Billing is every four weeks for your upcoming four weeks of classes. You can cancel at any time after the initial 8-week commitment, with a 30-day cancelation notice via email. Once your final payment goes through, you will receive your child's final 4 weeks of classes and take any unused make-up credits before the very last scheduled structured class. We do not give refunds for partial 4-week cycles that are not used. 


If you miss a class, we encourage you to schedule a make-up class. For make-up classes, your child can attend any age-appropriate class that has space available. To reserve a spot for a make-up class, you can schedule online through the online portal, call us at 718-788-2200, or email at We ask that you schedule all make-up classes at least 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to schedule a make up class for a specific time, it is due to the fact that the class is at capacity. Should you not show up for your scheduled make-up class without letting us know or canceling online, you will lose that make-up credit. For those using our Unlimited plan, you will not receive any make-up credits for missing class. 

Practice & Play

As an added benefit to being enrolled in classes using our Popular or Unlimited plan, members have access to as many Practice & Play times (Open Play Times) on our schedule throughout the week. During this time, children can play on the equipment and around the gym in an unstructured, parent-supervised environment. A staff member will be present on the floor, encouraging children to practice and participate in other activities and try some of the skills being worked on in class that week. 


We understand that, at times, younger or older siblings may have time off from school and need to come to My Gym during class. We completely understand that it is not always possible to attend My Gym with only the child who is enrolled. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are not able to allow siblings in the play space during classes; however, we will work with you to find a solution. Infants can be held in a Bjorn style holder or left in infant carriers. Preschoolers can sit at the counter with coloring books, electronic devices, etc. where you will have a constant eye on them. We appreciate our members understanding this matter, to ensure all of our classes are private, safe, and fun for all.  

To learn more about My Gym, please contact us today.


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