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Dzimšanas dienas svinības ir mūsu specialitāte

At My Gym, every party is a perfectly-designed celebration created especially for YOU! Whether you're planning your little one's precious 1st birthday or your big kid's 0th birthday bash, our talented party professionals will create a unique, exciting, and entertaining program for your child's special day. In addition to our standard (fabulous!) My Gym games, activities, rides, and circle-time fun, we invite you and your child to actively participate in designing the program of your dreams. Got song requests? Awesome! Have a favorite game? We'll play it! Working with a theme? We do it all day, every day! We love nothing more than making your birthday wishes come true.

Mēs garantējam asas izjūtas

No two parties at My Gym are ever the same! Many of our families choose to celebrate with us year after year because of our custom-made programs that grow with your child. Each time you party with us, you can look forward to an amazing experience filled with action-packed activities, lively music, and so much more. And, no matter the age or theme, crowd favorites like our Space Flight zip-line ride and special Birthday March are highlights of every celebration.

Atpūtieties un izbaudiet! Mēs ar prieku par visu parūpēsimies

Beyond the fun, we can also manage every detail, including paper goods, party favors, and food. We want you to focus on the Moments that Matter most on this very important day. (Food and options vary per location.)

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Grand dzimšanas diena

Biedra Cena1 75,00 € Papildus neesot biedram 25,00 €.
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