Freeze & Cancellation Policy

Freeze & Cancellation Policy

How do I Freeze or Cancel?

EASY! Cancellations and Freezes are done ONLINE only by the parent on file. Sign in to your "MY ACCOUNT" and follow the instructions below:

  • FREEZE POLICY: You may FREEZE your payments for a maximum of 8 weeks. At the end of the 8-week period, your child will automatically be re-enrolled. Make-ups cannot be used during your freeze period but will restore when the freeze period is over. FREEZE INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE VIDEO OR Written Instructions below

CANCELLATION POLICY: Unused Make-ups expire the same day as your last canceled day and cannot be credited. CANCEL INSTRUCTIONS HERE - VIDEO OR Written Instructions below

*Please note, verbal requests are not accepted. Cancellations and freezes cannot be processed by a team member. Only the parent on-file have the authority to access their account online. Freeze & Cancellations processed online must be completed no later than 30-days before your next payment.


Sign into your "My Gym" from the website

>click scheduled classes

>click your child's name

>click, sign AND submit either Cancel OR Freeze

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