How Does My Gym Work? Tuition? Registration?

How Does My Gym Work? Tuition? Registration?

We’re so excited to have you join us at My Gym! To make your My Gym experience a GREAT one, here are a few things to know.

Class Tuition Billed Monthly (every 28-days):

  • Primary Tuition Plan: includes one teacher-led class PLUS Unlimited Practice & Play each week. Tuition is $115. (Excludes Preschool Prep)

  • OR Secondary Tuition Plan: includes Unlimited teacher-led classes PLUS Unlimited Practice & Play each week. Tuition: Additional $40 to monthly tuition. 

  • Siblings or twins will get 10% off. Excludes Prechool Prep Drop-Off Program

  • To ensure that the appropriate number of trained staff is available, we do not operate as a drop-in program for our classes.

  • What is Preschool Prep? Click Here


Registration Fee $75:

  • A one-time registration fee is required to start classes PLUS it entitles you to lifetime discounts on Special Events. The registration fee is per family, NOT per child, when enrolling siblings simultaneously.

How am I billed?

  • The recurring billing will automatically renew every four weeks until a cancellation form is signed and submitted online no later than 2-weeks before the next payment. If later than 2 -weeks a prorated amount may be due.

Is this a contract?

  • NO Contract! Enroll Anytime! Cancel Anytime!

Makeup policy:

  • FLEXIBLE! Missed classes can be made up as long as you are still enrolled. Once you dis-enroll any unused make-ups expire the same day as your last class. All makeups expire 12/31. The make-up class must match the same class (i.e. a Gymster class can be made up in a Gymster class on another day). Follow Instructions HERE
  • Going to be Absent? Sign into your account, mark your child absent, then schedule your makeup. Please be sure that it is the same age-appropriate class name.

Coughing? Running Nose? Sick policy:

The well-being of our families & staff is a top priority.  We ask that you keep your child home if they are showing any signs of illness. You may schedule a make-up at a minimum of 3 days AFTER your child starts showing signs of illness. Children who are showing signs of illness, ie. coughing, sneezing, etc. will be asked to attend class on another day when they are feeling better. If your child has persistent allergies and is not contagious, please bring a note from your pediatrician.

Sibling Policy:

During our structured classes, older siblings are required to be in the lobby. If a child is younger, they are required to be held or in a baby carrier at all times. They may not run around freely on the equipment during class as it is a safety issue and a distraction to the other children enrolled in the class. Siblings may attend practice & plays once they are made a Lifetime member and pay $20 when they attend. 


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