Private Hire, Private Playdates & Private Celebrations!

Private Hire, Private Playdates & Private Celebrations!

Looking to celebrate a Birthday? Want to organise something fun for your school bubble? Not ready to join group activities yet? We have the perfect option for you from April 12th onwards!

1) Private Class/Party - This is the closest thing to a Birthday Party we are currently able to do under Coronavirus restrictions . You can hire My Gym Wallington entirely for up to 15 children and we provide amazing themed entertainment for your child and their friends in our amazing purpose built Children's Gym. Members: £160 for 1hr, £215 for 1.5hrs. Non-members: £190 for 1hr, £245 for 1.5hrs. Unfortunately there would be no party meal at this time and all activities must adhere to social distancing rules. For ages 3 and under, each child would be joined by one adult on the Gym floor. For 4 and over, we can allow a maximum of 5 adults to stay and watch from our lobby.

2) Private Practice & Play - We can run a private free play session for up to 10 children. Our Gym has monkey bars, rock wall, slides, trampolines, gymnastics equipment and more and a teacher will bring out age-appropriate toys and interact, supervise and maintain social distancing. £70 per hour for members and non-members. All children must be accompanied into the Gym by an adult and all adults must wear masks. This will only be available on weekdays after May 17th.

3) Single Household Private Hire - You can also hire the Gym for your family only! This has been a really popular offering since March. A teacher sets up the Gym before your arrival with age-appropriate equipment such as swings, hanging rings, stilts, ride-on cars, space hoppers, sensory toys and more and then retreats to the lobby to observe. You are responsible for supervising your children. £30 per hour weekday, £35 weekend, Members 30% off. This will only be available on weekdays after May 17th.


All sessions are appropriate for ages 6 weeks to 10yrs. Generally the available days/times are Tue 9:00, Tue 1:45, Wed anytime potentially on request, Thu 2:30, Sat 1:00, Sat 2:30 and Sun 3:15. Please complete the form below and we will come back to you! We are hopeful of re-introducing party meals from May 17th and easing capacity restrictions and social distancing from June 21st.

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