How Does My Gym Work?

How Does My Gym Work?

How My Gym Works
Below is all the information on how things work at My Gym. Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call!

Each child that takes classes at My Gym is required to be a Member. Your membership is good for your lifetime, good for your entire family and honored at all My Gyms worldwide!  This means that if you leave My Gym classes and come back later on, you will NOT be required to pay another membership fee.  It entitles you to priority class enrollment and discounts to events which are open to members and non-members (i.e., Birthday Parties, Camps, Parents’ Night Out). Our Lifetime Membership Fee is only $75. Enroll by 8/19 and this fee is waived!

Class Tuition
My Gym classes are run on an enrollment basis where you pay tuition for classes.  Our tuition is $76 per every 4 weeks, which includes one structured class per week and unlimited Practice and Plays each week as a bonus!  We do offer discounts for siblings!  Two children=20% off the 2nd child, Twins=30% off the 2nd child, 3 children=20% off the entire family.  We strongly believe that the length and quality of our classes/teachers, in addition our immaculate, ever-changing gym configuration makes our program of excellent value.

Enrollment Flexibility and Recurring Billing
We do not require you to sign up for an entire semester and you can join at any time!  Your debit or credit card will be billed every 4 weeks on our recurring billing system based on your start date.  We require all of our Members to sign up for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks as we want you and your child to see the benefits of our classes. Our 30+ years of experience in children’s fitness has shown us that it takes at least that for you to see the benefits in your child through our program.  

We have a very generous make up policy, the most flexible one around!  We do strongly appreciate advanced notice if you have to miss a class, however, if you forget to let us know, or something comes up last minute, you are more than welcome to still make up your class!  The system does work best whenever you are able to let us know, so that we can open up your spot for another member.  Make-ups must be scheduled within 4 weeks before or after your missed class.  Make-up classes expire on the day of the last paid class once enrollment is cancelled. Make-ups cannot be used to extend enrollment past a cancellation date.

Practice & Play
Each week, children currently enrolled in a class may attend any or all of our 50-minute members-only Practice and Plays.  Siblings of enrolled children may attend for $5/each per visit.  Practice & Play is a drop-in event so there is no need to call ahead. During Practice & Play, children have unstructured play time under the supervision of a parent or guardian who is responsible for the safety of their child and those around them. A My Gym staff member will be available to answer questions and to help monitor for safety and will run  practice skill stations. There are no make ups for missed Practice & Plays.  Parents, since you are sharing in the fun, don’t forget your socks!  See schedule for current Practice and Play times.  

Enrollment Cancellations
To cancel, there is a Cancellation Request Form (CRF) that needs to be completed and signed.  Then there is one final payment on the next scheduled date.  You may attend your regularly scheduled class and Practice and Plays as well as complete any make ups through the last class date listed on the CRF.  We do not give refunds for partial 4 week cycles that are not used.

Are siblings allowed on the gym floor?
We do understand that often times older or younger siblings may have the day off from school and need to come along to My Gym for the day, however we do not allow siblings on the gym floor. You are more than welcome to bring some toys or games for siblings to play with in the lobby during class. We do provide coloring for any siblings. The front lobby is in full view of the entire gym.  We appreciate all of our Members understanding of this matter 
to ensure that all of our classes are safe, age-appropriate and fun for all!

If you would like more information about My Gym, please fill out the form below!

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