Updated Rules and Policies- Fall 2020

Updated Rules and Policies- Fall 2020

We are so happy to have everyone back in the gym!

Rules and Policies for attending activities inside of the gym:

Attend: On the day of your class, show up to the gym 5 minutes ahead of your time slot. We’ll be busy cleaning in between playgroups and giving the previous group time to exit.


GREEN LIGHT! Wait for the “Green light” sign to be posted on the door before entering. 

RED LIGHT! Please wait a few more minutes in your car or outside the gym, as we are busy cleaning everything while the previous group is exiting. 


*Social Spacing: We are accepting a limited number of children in the gym at a time. Our low numbers include parents. We ask that only one parent attend and no siblings or additional adults in the lobby.


*Masks: Due to our inability to always accommodate 6 feet of social distancing, per the CDC guidelines, we are requiring adults to wear masks inside of the gym. Children do not need to wear a mask.  My Gym teachers will be wearing masks. 


*Water: We are asking that all participants bring their own water bottles.  The water fountain is closed at this time.


*Upon entering the gym, we are requiring participants to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer provided in our sanitizing stations. In addition, we will do a temperature check on all campers and PNO participants due to their length of time in the gym.


*New Waiver: When returning back to the gym we are asking everyone to sign a new waiver from their online account. Part of this waiver asks that you agree to do a self screen prior to coming to playdates. On the day of the class, please self screen you and your child at home. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, please email us to cancel. 

-Have you or anyone in your family tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

-Have you or anyone in your family been exposed to someone who tested positive COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

-Have you or anyone in your family been feeling ill and experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, please let us know.

We do reserve the right to ask anyone showing any signs of illness to reschedule.


Cleaning Policy


Here at My Gym Brentwood we pride ourselves in going above and beyond in our cleaning and illness policies. Since we have reopened the gym in June, we have added the following precautions:

1. Daily staff tempurature checks and symptom monitoring at the beginning of every shift.

2. All gym surfaces and equipment used is cleaning between each class.

3. Twice weekly the entire gym is sprayed with a sanitation spray by Santize My Space.


Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this time.  We are so grateful for our MY GYM Brentwood families and want to keep everyone safe, healthy and continue to be a place where you can confidently bring your child to learn, grow and most importantly HAVE FUN!



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