Schedule your make up classes.

Schedule your make up classes.

If you miss your class, you can schedule a make up class online via your own personal account! In addition to scheduling make up classes, you're also able to update credit card information and book a birthday! Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can claim your account (if you have not done so already) and book make up classes at your convenience! 


1. Go to 

2. If you have already claimed your account: Go to the left tab labeled MY ACCOUNT

*If you have not claimed your account: go the right side and verify your information by using the email address we have on file and you will be able to create a password for future access.

3. Once you've accessed your account, click on the "MY ACCOUNT" tab at the top and then select "MAKE UPS" and from there, you'll be able to schedule any make up classes you've acquired. 

**Jump Jazz & Roll, Cheernastic I & II,, and all Gymnastics classes will have to schedule a make up class in Mighty Mites, Whiz Kids, or Champions classes online. If you wish to come to a JJ&R, Cheer, or Gymnastics class, you will have to contact us to do so. 

SIMPLE, right? If you're having trouble claiming your account or if you're having any other issue with your online account, please let us know via text or email and we will look into it for you! 

If it will not allow you to select a class you want as a make up, it may be because the class is full. Email or text us and we will let you know if we can fit you into the class. 

With that being said, please let us know (if you can) that you will be missing your class, so that we can use your spot for a make up class for someone else. 

Did you know that the system will keep your missed class in your account for up to 12 weeks after your missed class? Meaning you have 12 weeks to make up a missed class! Also, in addition to contacting us via email or phone, you can now text us directly with any questions you may have.. Our number is (615) 3715437

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