Party Pricing and FAQs

Party Pricing and FAQs

Party Guidelines

Pricing Information

  • All prices listed on the website are for a 1.5 hour party. 
  • Please note that due to delivery issues, the Sunday 9:30 party slot is always a Grand Party, without pizza.  You can still have us provide juice boxes, paper goods, goody bags, etc. for an additional charge, however!
  • Only the last party of each day may be made 2 hours long for $75, and this can be done only at My Gym's discretion, as staffing concerns and labor laws can make this impossible some days.
  • All packages include 15 children in the base price of every party package.  The birthday child is included in this number.  If you have more than 15 kids attending, there is an extra charge that varies with each party package:
    • Grand Party: $13 per child after the 15th
    • Deluxe Party: $16 per child after the 15th
    • Premier Party: $20 per child after the 15th
  • You only pay for the number of kids who actually attend the party, even if you told us there would be more!  We don't have an official maximum, but we've found that parties with 30 or fewer kids tend to run the best.
  • Any child who plays on the equipment or participates in activities is considered part of the party.  Generally, this means that infants and teenagers do not count as part of the party.
  • Booking a party requires a $100 deposit, which is taken out of the price of the party.  Your final balance is due at the end of your party.  Payment can be made by cash or credit card.
  • Save $25 on your final balance by reviewing your party on Yelp, Google, or Facebook before making your final payment!

Party FAQs

What happens to my deposit if I cancel my party?

Party deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.  If you have to cancel due to a medical or other emergency, we'll try to move your party to an open spot within the next 2 weeks.  Otherwise, we'll attempt to rebook your party slot.  If we can, we'll hold your deposit as store credit, to be used for another party, class, or Parents' Night Out.  If we're unable to rebook your party, we'll have to keep your deposit, but we won't charge any other cancellation fees or penalties.

What do my kids and I wear to the party?

All children must wear My Gym Gripper Socks on the floor at all times.  Parents are asked to wear socks if they're going on the gym floor with the kids.  No other special attire is necessary.

How early can I get to my party?  How long after the party can I stay?

The party family is invited to arrive no more than 10 minutes before the party and to remain up to 15 minutes after the party ending to unload and load.  If you arrive more than 10 minutes early, we'll still be cleaning up and resetting from the previous party, so we'll ask you to wait outside until we finish.  

Can I bring in my own food?

Please click here to view our policies on outside food.

Can I have a costumed character come to my party?

We only allow costumed characters to attend our parties if we've had a chance to speak with the performer or their company in advance to make sure their plans fit in with our parties.  Our parties are highly structured and organized, and an outside show throws off our planning, meaning pizza might get cold, awesome activities like our Space Flight zip line might not get done, and so on.  If you'd like to have a costumed character come to the party, we require you and them to speak with us in advance; we have a specific way to add them into the party structure to allow you to get great pictures (which is the whole point) without missing anything! 

Can I ask for specific staff for my party?

You are welcome to make requests for a specific staff.  We are unfortunately unable to guarantee requests for specific staff at parties.  Although we do our best to follow these requests, staffing requirements, vacations, illnesses, etc. can prevent us from having any specific staff work any specific day.

Do adults count toward the price of my party?

Adults don't directly add to the cost of a party, no!

Can I request specific activities or music?

If you add a theme to your party, you'll get music and games that go along with that theme!  If you don't add a theme, we'll play upbeat, kid-friendly music and plan games tailored to the number and ages of the kids at your party.  If you've seen an activity at one of our parties before and want to include it, please feel free to ask!


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