Rules and Policies for Attending 2020 My Gym Summer Camp

Rules and Policies for Attending 2020 My Gym Summer Camp

When we aren't teaching, we're cleaning!
We have always cleaned and disinfected all surfaces in the Gym every day, multiple times a day. Moving forward, we will be cleaning and sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces during Camps so your little one can run, play, and enjoy their favorite My Gym Camp they've come to know and love.


We are also using an electric sanitizer sprayer that reached every square inch of the gym and sanitized every surface and crevice!


We are continuing to use cleaners recommended by the CDC and EPA to keep you, your family, our staff, and our Gym clean and safe from Covid-19. We are currently using:

  • Detergent Disinfectant Pump Spray (EPA REG No. 1839-83)
  • Lysol® Brand All Purpose Cleaner (EPA REG No. 777-66)
  • Maquat 32-PD (EPA REG No. 10324-167)
  • Method ANTIBAC Bathroom Cleaner (EPA REG No. 75277-2)
  • Lysol® Disinfectant Spray (EPA REG No. 777-99)
  • Lysol® Disinfectant Spray Max Cover Mist (EPA REG No. 777-127)
  • Clorox Clean Up Cleaner + Bleach (EPA REG No. 5813-21)
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (EPA REG No. 5813-79)
  • Lonza Disinfectant Wipes Plus (EPA REG No. 6836-336)

When all of our friends enter, and before they leave, the play area, they will be required to wash and sanitize their hands.



Super Masks
Adults and ALL children 3 years and older MUST wear a face covering. Children 2 years old and under are not required to wear face coverings.

We suggest making or decorating your 'Super Masks' at home so the kiddos can enjoy their creations and show their My Gym teachers when they get to the Gym!

As always, at My Gym, we're all about teaching healthy habits to kids of all ages. So, we're here to make 'Super Masks' fun and help the children get used to them and help promote face-covering positivity and normality! We will be doing show-and-tell times with their creations and integrating them into our fun and entertaining curriculum. 'Super Masks' are safe, and Super Masks' are FUN!


There will be optional "break times" where kiddos can safely separate to take a break from their mask for a minute or two. Children will be required to re-wash and re-sanitize their hands before and after their break time. Break time areas will be cleaned and sanitized after every use. For everyone's safety, children will not have a break time at the same time.



We LOVE to Socialize! (from a safe distance for now)

Each Camp will be super special, with five (5) kiddos' total with a 1:3 camper to teacher ratio. 

All of our My Gym campers will remain in the same groups throughout the camp. We will be keeping the same campers and staff with each group and include campers from the same family in the same group.

For your family's health and safety, and that of the other campers, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND choosing the same 2 days every week for your child to attend camp. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all siblings, family, and friends attend the same days of the week as well.

Campers will be strongly encouraged and reminded to practice social spacing throughout the camp.

We will be keeping each camper’s belongings separated and in individually labeled cubbies. We will ensure belongings are taken home each day to be cleaned and disinfected.

We will be limiting the sharing of objects and equipment, such as toys, games, and art supplies.

All handheld items will be disinfected between every use.



Take a Sec and Safety Check

Before our Campers arrive at the gym, they will be asked to do an At-Home Safety Check:


  • Check 1: Is anyone's temperature above 100.3?
  • Check 2: Is anyone feeling under the weather, like a runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or chills?
  • Check 3: Has anyone in your household been around someone with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
  • Check 4: Has anyone in your household been to gatherings of 25 or more people where there was little or no practice of social spacing and/or wearing of face coverings in the last 14 days.

If any families answered yes to any of those safety checks, then they will be required to skip My Gym for the day.

We know this is frustrating to the children, but we have to work together to keep all of our members and staff safe and healthy. 

We ask that if you, your little ones, or anyone in your household show any signs of illness, even if you believe it to be seasonal allergies, that you avoid the Gym and stay home. We appreciate your consideration, as do all our families.

As an additional level of safety, we'll be doing a Safety Check when you arrive! Before you and your child(ren) enter the gym, we're going to quickly get temperatures for you and your family.



Our Safer Entrance Plan

We will be staggering drop off's as well. Families will be receiving a text message, the evening before their scheduled Camp. This text message will include last-minute details about your reserved Camp and the “Keyword of the Day”.

When you arrive at the gym, please stay in your car and text the “Keyword of the Day” to our phone number. You will receive a link to our entry form. Our teachers will be notified of your arrival when you submit the form. After you submit your form we will send you a text message letting you know you are all clear to come on in. Families will be notified individually to ensure social spacing.

Additional Safety

We have adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, tissues, no-touch trashcans, and hand sanitizers with at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol for staff and those campers who can safely use hand sanitizer. 


Unlike past camps, there will be no snacks provided by My Gym. Please pack a lunch and snacks for your child.


Additionally, we ask that you please refrain from including foods that contain peanut and citrus products, as many of your campers are severely allergic to these foods.

Thank you and we will see you very soon!



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