Frederick County Parks and Recreation Classes

Frederick County Parks and Recreation Classes

Welcome to our friends in Frederick. We are excited to bring My Gym to your area! Please click class name below for a video introduction about class.  Please note these videos show the classes inside a My Gym facility. Our programming elements and equipment are adjusted when we bring our class on the road to you. 

To register please click the course number corresponding with the program you are interested in or by calling 301-600-2936. Our classes consist of 5 week sessions. 


Session 1 - Monday, Jan. 7- Feb. 11

Session 2 - Monday, Feb. 18-March 18

Location - Ballenger Creek Park 

Terrific Tots  - 9:30am - 10:15am - 2.5 years to 3 years and 7 months. (parent participation required) - My Gym's Terrific Tots strengthen manipulative skills, work on agility, motor skills and independence through structured games, imaginative adventures, beginning sports drills, and pre-gymnastics. Social skills such as listening, following directions and cooperating in a group are also emphasized.                        Winter Course#17036 - 1/7-2/11, Course #17037 2/18-3/18

Might Mites  - 10:20am - 11:05am - at least 3.5 years of age but less than 4 years and  7 months. (parent can drop off) My Gym's Mighty Mites are taught basic gymnastic skills with safe spotting which builds increased self-esteem and confidence. Relays, more complex games, and sports skills lead to increased strength, enhanced manipulative ability, and improved hand-eye coordination. Winter Course #17031 - 1/7-2/11  Course #17032 - 2/18-3/18

 - 11:15am - 12pm -  2 -  2.5 years. (parent participation required) My Gym introduces balancing, tumbling, and agility skills, which helps children develop a love of physical activity and a sense of pride in their achievements. Songs, dances, and movement activities will encourage building fine and gross motor skills.  Winter Course -  17029  - 1/7-2/11 or Course 17030 - 2/18-3/18

Tykes/Waddlers - 12:15 - 1pm 3 months - 2 years (parent participation required)  - My Gym introduces new and stimulating activities as little ones become more mobile.  A variety of beginning stretches, exercises, songs and dances, and introductory tumbling are featured all which stress natural abilities and enhance physical and cognitive development. Winter Course 17117  - 1/7-2/11 or Course 17118 - 2/18-3/18

Location - Tuscarora Recreation Center

Wiz Kids - 4:30pm - 5:15pm -  ages at least 4 years of age but less than 7 years of age. (parents can drop off) - My Gym Whiz Kids will refine and master basic motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, kicking and catching through fun fitness activities, relays, tumbling, gymnastics and games. Children are prepared for group sports with a sense of confidence. Winter Course 17038  - 1/7-2/11 or Course 17039 - 3/11-4/8 (Location Sugarloaf Rec Center)

Mixers - 5:20pm - 6:05pm - multiple age class - multiple siblings together/mixed ages - at least 1 year of age but less than 6 years of age (parent participation) - My Gym Mixers enables mixed aged siblings or friends to experience a class together with singing, dancing, games, puppet shows, and "Surprise Time!" New physical skills are introduced each week while we work on gymnastics and beginning sports skills in this fun family program. Winter Course 17034  - 1/7-2/11 or Course 17035 - 3/11-4/8 (Location Sugarloaf Rec Center)

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