Both Kids and Parents Simply LOVE Our Toddler Tumbling Classes in Poway and San Diego

Both Kids and Parents Simply LOVE Our Toddler Tumbling Classes in Poway and San Diego

Your little one is crawling or has just begun to waddle around your home? You want your child to stay active and healthy at any age. However, you may believe that this level of activity is enough for now. You may want to wait a bit more, thinking that your kid is not ready for something more just yet. Oh, but they are. Physical activity is beneficial to your child in so many ways, and it should start at an early age.

The time is NOW

It’s never too early to start. Even babies enjoy playing and stretching, and that’s why we provide baby sensory classes in Poway. Designed to encourage movement, these classes will help your baby build balance and coordination while strengthening the muscles.

This is only the beginning, though. From a variety of classes for toddlers in Poway to exciting games at My Gym Camp, here at My Gym Poway, we offer numerous activities for your child. Our classes will help them develop not only physical, but also social, emotional, and intellectual skills, getting your little one ready for school, and life.

First class is always FREE and always FUN

Bring your toddler for a FREE TRIAL CLASS, meet the group and our team. The first class is always free, and always fun! We are confident that both you and your child will enjoy the atmosphere so much that you’ll be coming back for more!

The best is yet to come!

Toddlers ADORE Tumble Time!

Your little baby is growing into toddlerhood? That means more independence and MORE ACTIVITY! Sign up your child for our classes and see your munchy play and learn at the same time!


Our tumbling classes for toddlers in Poway and San Diego are tailored to grow with your kid’s development and age in mind. Now that your sunshine has started walking, we can help your toddler discover the world around them. We’ll do it together! During our 45-minute toddler tumbling classes in San Diego and Poway, you will be there to share your child’s excitement and learn how they interact with the surrounding world.


Fantastic for toddlers, fantastic for parents, these classes ensure your kid’s healthy growth and lots of toddler/parent fun. What better way to spend some quality time with your precious little one?

#1 Toddler tumbling classes in San Diego for a happy and healthy child

Our classes will help your toddler build flexibility, coordination and strength, but that’s not all! Your pumpkin will crawl, jump, and roll and on these quests, they will also build self-confidence and determination by learning to face and overcome their fears.


Trying out new things will be fun! Not to mention that your munchkin will develop emotional and social skills through their interaction with you, the instructor, as well as other kids. In fact, many early childhood friendships have started right here at My Gym Poway!

#1 Tumbling classes for toddlers in Poway: a place for learning and fun

Our toddler tumbling classes Poway parents can truly rely on. You can as well! Schedule our classes for kids at My Gym Poway and have peace of mind knowing that these classes will provide a strong foundation for your kid's development, giving them what they need right now so they can have a future full of possibilities.


Our highly qualified and experienced instructors are dedicated to creating a safe, entertaining, and educational environment for your little one. Their passion, friendliness, enthusiasm and creativity are contagious! Not only will your toddler be endlessly entertained; you will be delighted as well.

Classes for toddlers that boost your child’s development

Your toddler needs love, attention, and guidance to thrive, and that’s exactly what they get at My Gym Poway. Did you know that your toddler wants to interact with you but feels frustrated when they can’t find the words? Did you know that they want to be independent and explore the world around them but still fears being separated from you?


You may be wondering: “How tumbling classes for toddlers near me Poway can help?” Our classes are carefully designed to enhance your toddler’s overall growth and well-being. We know what’s going on in a toddler’s brain and can help their personality and body develop!


Sign up your child for our class and rest assured your munchkin will learn how to better handle their emotions and fight their fears. They will learn to listen, think, experiment, and share. And your kid will learn a lot from their relationship with you, their instructor and other children.


Every experience, every moment matters. We are here to make it worthwhile! No screen time - only hands-on experience, physical activities and play!

Your “tumbling classes for toddlers near me Poway” search is over. Book a class at My Gym Poway so all the rolling, climbing and other fun and educational activities can start!

Why My Gym Poway?

As parents ourselves, we strive to create a warm, stimulating, and active environment in which all children will thrive. We want to provide your little one with a place where they can engage in fun activities which will help them develop life skills and embrace an active lifestyle. A place where children will feel safe, supported, cherished and loved. A place where they will play with other kids, grow self-esteem, and learn great things with the helping hand of our committed instructors. Good habits your child embraces now will help them live healthy and happy lives tomorrow.


My Gym was built on this principle over 35 years ago. Now, with more than 550 locations across the world, My Gym family has never been bigger, and it boasts so many happy children and their parents. As the best children's program worldwide year after year, we continue to be known for quality and recognized by parents for our work and accomplishments.

Join us and become happy members of our big family!

You and your toddler will see that playtime can be healthy, educational and fun!

Give your child a head start

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing youngsters grow into adults with a strong sense of self, confident individuals who know who they are, what they want and how to achieve it. We will be there to teach them and support them every step of the way!


Enroll your child in the best toddler tumbling classes San Diego and Poway can offer and experience the My Gym way. Schedule our classes for kids and let’s start creating memories and celebrating those precious moments - together!

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