Rules for health and safety in the gym during COVID-19

Rules for health and safety in the gym during COVID-19

We are so excited to be able to reopen the gym and bring a fun option to families in our community even though Covid-19 is not yet behind us.  

Our business is all about providing active play and enjoyment to very young children. Unfortunately, most of these children are unable to get vaccinated nor can comprehend the importance of taking precautions for their own safety. As such, we, as a business that provides a service to these little ones, as well as, you, a parent or family member that brings your little one into our facility, share an increased level of accountability in protecting them from harm.

We are strictly following all CDC and government advisements regarding Covid and, in some cases, may go beyond. We ask that you honor our policies during this time regardless of the differences in policies other businesses may hold or how you may personally feel about the CDC guidelines.

We are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for your family. If you have any questions, please let us know! You can reach us by phone, text, or email with thoughts, concerns, compliments, or questions. 


Your Responsibility as a My Gym Customer

  • It is your responsibility to self-screen yourself and your child at home. If you answer “yes” to any item on the list below, please do not come to the gym and let us know you are staying at home. You can schedule make-ups within your online account, by text, or by phone. 
    • Temperature above 100.4 (CDC guideline)
    • Demonstrate any sign of illness, including runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and chills
    • Known exposure to anyone with a suspected or confirmed Covid case within the past 5 days
  • Masks are not required at this time. Disposable masks are provided at the front door.
  • Both you and your child should sanitize your hands prior to entering and exiting the gym floor.
  • We need your help to ensure social spacing. You are responsible for safety, spotting, and social spacing for you and your child (in parent participation classes). Our teachers will be providing guidance on spacing throughout your class. 
  • If you or your family member test positive for Covid within 1 day of attending a class in our facility, please contact us so that we may notify others in attendance. Your identity will be protected.


Our Commitment to Cleanliness

  • When we aren’t teaching, we’re cleaning! We clean and disinfect all surfaces in the gym every day. Between classes, we clean any used equipment, toys, mats, and surfaces.
  • As an extra layer of caution, you will also see us cleaning frequently-touched surfaces during our programs. 
  • We use nontoxic, organic cleaning products whenever possible, and we regularly disinfect as well.
  • Hand sanitizer is available near the main door, entry to the play area and next to the water cooler and is required to be used upon entering and existing the gym floor.


Employee Health Policy

  • All employees are not required to mask at this time.
  • Employees are required to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms that may be the result of Covid.
  • Employees may not return to work after showing symptoms unless they either 1) are symptom-free for 5 full days or 2) show evidence of a negative Covid test. Rapid and At-home tests are accepted.


Contact Communication & Privacy

If it is identified that a person in the gym has tested positive for Covid, whether that person is an employee, a customer, a guest, or a child in our facility, we will contact all adults present during that class or event as soon as possible. Notification will occur via the email address on file.

Unless we are contacted by a health official conducting contact tracing, we will not reveal identifiable details about the person who was positive, or information about when the person contracted the virus, how long they have been positive, or if they are showing symptoms. Instead, they will be referred to as “a person who tested positive”.

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