Start your Trial Today

Start your Trial Today

Start your amazing Trial Experience Today for JUST $29.99

During the Trial period, your child can try an amazing developmental class PLUS the option to visit again for 1 Practice & Play during the same week!

After your trial class, if you feel we’re not a perfect fit, you can CANCEL online immediately following your trial class (HOW  TO CANCEL)! If you don't cancel, you’ll automatically be enrolled, at the current tuition rate plus our one-time registration fee of $75 If you have more than 2 children this registration fee covers Everyone as a family registration.

As an enrolled student, your child can attend 1 class a week PLUS Unlimited Practice & Play per week.

We auto-bill every 4 weeks - no strings attached and no contracts. However, there are no refunds if the cancellation is not processed on time. Please review our policies below prior to attending your trial class.

How My Gym Works: Enrollment/Makeups/Freeze/Cancellation Policies

Please dress in comfortable/athletic-style clothing. For safety, kids participate in bare feet, and adults wear socks

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