Get to know the owner

Get to know the owner

How did you discover My Gym?

The first time I set foot inside a My Gym was at my niece Mia’s birthday party five years ago. From the equipment for climbing and gymnastics to the exciting games, songs, and dances, it was a magical experience. I remember how the children’s faces lit up as they took turns on the hot dog swing ride.

Like most parents, my husband and I strive to provide the best educational and recreational opportunities for our children. When Raffa, our first child, was born we looked around for a My Gym. Unfortunately, there was nothing in the immediate area. Some alternatives, including the indoor playground concept, lacked the fun and structured learning—with trained instructors—we were looking for. We wanted a nurturing environment where our child could develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. 

Other parents in the area expressed similar disappointment. “We have great schools and activities for older kids but not much for the younger ones,” is something I’ve heard often. When our daughter Maya was born the decision was made: It was time take charge and bring My Gym, initially to McLean and now to Vienna.

What are your hobbies? How does your family like to spend it’s free time?

I love to read, learn new things, be outdoors, and spend time with family and friends. As a family, we try to keep it balanced and do a bit of everything.

Raffa is four and Maya almost a year old. We do a lot of reading with them. Raffa has now learned the letters and we enjoy watching him try to guess the words based on the first few letters.
On the weekends, we always try to get out of the house. It’s usually a combination of walks, play time at the park, seeing grandma and grandpa, library visits, and play dates. And, of course, the preschool social calendar dictates that we have birthday parties at least once a month (another reason why we need My Gym). We love to travel and learn about new people and places. While it can be tricky with two little ones, we do our best to create interesting experiences for now and hope to do more when they’re a bit older.

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