My Gym Offers LIVE Classes, Outdoor Playtimes, Virtual Birthdays, & Outdoor Private Playdates!

My Gym Offers LIVE Classes, Outdoor Playtimes, Virtual Birthdays, & Outdoor Private Playdates!



Join Your Favorite My Gym Teachers and Friends Online and Outdoors

Note: The Outdoor Semi-Private Playtimes are by reservation only and may only be reserved by families enrolled in Online LIVE Classes and families who canceled or froze within the last 3 months. To enroll, or try a Free Guest Class, in an Online Virtual Class click HERE!

Beginning June 15th, 2020 we will be offering My Gym LIVE Plus Outdoor Semi-Private Playtimes! These are actual gym playtimes where your little one can come and play at our physical location - while adhering to social spacing, thorough cleaning procedures, and health department guidelines.

My Gym LIVE brings our amazing curriculum to your living room, backyard, or home dojo! These are NOT prerecorded videos; this is LIVE instruction from our fun and entertaining My Gym teachers. Instead of meeting in person each week, you and your kids will attend My Gym LIVE classes as a supplement to your children’s home education, learning, fitness, and play.

We are also adding Outdoor Private Playdates (additional fee) for families who wish to have a 30 to 60-minute private playtime all to themselves. Yay!

New to My Gym? Enroll today for 89.00 and a 15.00 Membership fee (that’s $60 OFF) and we'll upgrade you to Unlimited LIVE classes AND we'll upgrade you to LIVE Plus - Playtimes! You’ll also immediately be granted access to all of our extraordinary member benefits. You can also text or email us, and we’ll gladly enroll you. Your first class is always free! 

Already a member? Awesome! You have been automatically upgraded to Unlimited. Schedule your LIVE classes by logging in to your account, scrolling down to Drop-In Scheduling, and clicking Schedule Drop-In. HERE is a tutorial video to help you get started!

Click HERE to learn much more about the benefits of My Gym LIVE Classes and My Gym LIVE Plus Outdoor Playdates and Private Play Parties. Ready to pick your first class? Click HERE to see our new schedule, and we’ll see you soon! 

Now Booking Virtual Birthday Parties & Virtual/Outdoor Birthday Party Packages

Surprise your child with a memorable My Gym LIVE celebration with friends! My Gym LIVE brings our exciting, customized birthday parties to your home, living room, or backyard. The children have loads of fun as they dance, play games, party, and make memories together with LIVE entertainment delivered by one of our energetic My Gym Party Specialists! 

We will design an unforgettable birthday bash your family and friends will treasure. On the day of the party, you and your guests will log on to the private birthday celebration from your laptop, smart TV, or phone. Depending on the age of your child, your party will feature captivating activities, games, puppets, songs, and more! Perfect for ages 1-10 years.

Click HERE to reserve your LIVE Birthday Party date today.

We look forward to celebrating with your family!

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