Preschool Prep 2023!

Preschool Prep 2023!

The My Gym Syracuse Preschool Prep Program is back!!

As experts in early child development, My Gym Syracuse understands the impact preschool or pre-kindergarten education has on children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. In our commitment to educate the whole child, we will be offering the “My Gym Preschool Prep Program” from September 2023 to June 2024.

This program focuses on imparting to children the skills needed to excel in preschool and beyond. Through our award-winning My Gym fitness curriculum, arts and crafts, stimulating small group and independent activities, and basic academic preschool instruction, our students will transition into preschool or kindergarten with confidence, curiosity, and a love for learning. This program focuses on making learning fun and exciting in the familiar and nurturing atmosphere of My Gym.


Frequently Asked Questions...

When? Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00pm beginning 9/12 & 9/14 (first week is orientation that parents stay for). Enrollment is based on attending 1 class per week, if you'd like to enroll in additional days see pricing information below.

What ages can participate? This program is designed for 3-4 years 11 months olds. If your will turn 5 during the fall, they are welcome to finish out until December.

How many children are in each class? We have 12 spaces available per class. Spaces are first come first serve.

Do parents stay? Preschool Prep is a drop off class. This means for the 2 hour duration of class it is just the teachers and kids in the gym. We don't allow adults to stay and watch from the lobby as this can be confusing and unfair for other children in the class whose parent may not be able to stay.

We understand this may be a hard transition for some and encourage you to stay near the plaza for the first few weeks in case we need to have you return earlier than planned.

How much does it cost? 1 day is $155 every 4 weeks. Both days, Tuesday & Thursday, are $279 (20% discount on the 2nd day) every 4 weeks.

What if I just want to try it 1 time to see how my child does? We won't be offering a trial class for Preschool Prep 2023/2024. While we know and understand that starting a new program/class can seem intimidating and/or scary, we have found that trying it just 1 time isn't a true indicator of how your child will do after getting used to the teachers and structure of the program.

With this in mind, we ask that you give your little one 4-8 weeks to adjust before deciding that this isn't the program for you. If after that time, you aren't feeling like it is a good fit we will be more than happy to place the cash value of your remaining class payments into store credit for use on anything My Gym in the future for any sibling in the family or to help switch your enrollment to a regular My Gym class.

How often can I come? Preschool Prep is a separate program from our My Gym classes. You may attend your class every Tuesday or Thursday from 1-3pm. You may also attend as many Practice & Plays per week as you would like- Practice & Play requires parent participation for all children regardless of age. Each time you'd like to attend a Practice & Play it must be scheduled in advance via your online account.  

If you will miss your weekly class, please let us know in advance by marking yourself absent in your online account or informing us in person and you can make it up during a different day of Preschool as long as the class has space.

What do I need to send my child with for supplies? We ask that you send your little one in each class with a bag labeled with their name that includes a change of clothes (in case of spills or accidents), an old t-shirt that they can wear for painting or other fun messy activities, a water bottle and a nut-free snack.

Does my child need to be potty trained? Potty training in not required, but it is important that we know where you are in the process so that we can assist your child as needed during class.

Do I need to stay enrolled all school year? This class runs throughout the duration of the school year, following the school calendar. You may join or leave the class whenever works the best for you. Per your membership agreement your child will stay enrolled until you complete a cancellation request which you can do at any time via your online account, you will then be able to attend until your selected last class date.

If you choose to stay enrolled all year (which we would love!!) we will automatically set up a cancellation for you when the class ends in mid-June.

How do I reserve a space? Fill out the form below with your's and your child's information and note the day(s) you'd like to enroll in, including a back up choice in case your 1st preference isn't available.

Spaces are first come first serve so once you have completed the form below we will be in touch to confirm you have a space reserved in your desired day and to send you additional information you will need about orientation.

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