Membership Information

Membership Information

My Gym Membership Information

The first time you ever enroll in a My Gym Class, you will pay a one-time, lifetime family membership fee of $75.  This fee covers all children in your family and is valid at any My Gym in the US!

My Gym members receive a number of benefits:

- All members receive $30 off any birthday party!!!

- Members also receive discounts on camps, Parents' Nights Out, Holiday Parties, and all special events!

- Members receive priority enrollment in all classes.

- Only members can attend our Practice & Play sessions!  Enrolled members can come to as many Practice & Play sessions as they like for no extra charge, while members who are not enrolled in classes can come for a nominal charge of $10 per child per visit. 

You must be a member to take classes at My Gym.  However, you do not have to be a member to book parties, enroll in camps, or sign up for most special events, although members do pay less for all of these!

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